7 Inch Grinding Wheel

Depressed centre cutting discs Depressed center . action and smoother running wheels. The amount of removed metal is reduced, increasing cutting speed and reducing the heat generated. Ideal for professional...

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7 inch grinding wheel

4" cutting wheel100*2.0*1615300R.P.Mtype 1600250.330.3050.220.0221
4" cutting wheel100*3.0*1615300R.P.Mtype 1400250.330.3050.220.0221
4.5" cutting wheel115*3.0*2213300R.P.Mtype 1400280.320.270.140.0121
5" cutting wheel125*3.0*2211000R.P.Mtype 1300180.380.240.240.0219
6" cutting wheel150*3.0*229100R.P.Mtype 1200260.4150.320.170.0226
7" cutting wheel180*3.0*227800R.P.Mtype 1100280.420.380.20.0319
9" cutting wheel230*3.0*225960R.P.Mtype 1100280.380.240.240.0219
4" grinding wheel100*6.0*1615300R.P.Mtype 27200220.330.3050.220.0221
4.5" grinding wheel115*6.0*2213300R.P.Mtype 27200320.320.270.140.0121
5" grinding wheel125*6*2211000R.P.Mtype 27200180.380.240.240.0219
6" grinding wheel150*6.0*229100R.P.Mtype 27100240.4150.320.170.0226
7" grinding wheel180*6.0*227800R.P.Mtype 2710033.80.420.380.20.0319
9" grinding wheel230*6.0*225960R.P.Mtype 2750280.380.240.240.0219

  • Ideal for professional applications, cutting & grinding metal, construction steel or cast.

  • Special types of corundum and bonds are combined to suit the task in hand. This optimises performance, extends service life, increases efficiency and reduces cutting time.

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From the Manufacturer

The new Type 27 Depressed Center wheels are formulated with aluminum oxide for heavy duty grinding. This formulation provides aggressive material removal and longer wheel life. Nova utilizes an industry recognized color coding and identification system to help users identify the right bonded abrasive wheel for their application. there are also several key identifiers to look for on a nova wheel; RPM, wheel size, thickness, and arbor size to ensure the correct product is used.

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22nova grinding wheel

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