4 Inch Flap Disc

4 Inch Flap Disc

Flap type #27 Perfect for finish work, deburing, and light grinding. Great for use on rust, paint, steel, and non ferrous metal.

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4 inch flap disc 

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  • Aluminium Oxide abrasive is preferred for DIY use as it is the most cost effective product for most DIY applications.

  • Designed for use on rust, paint, steel, and non-ferrous metals, along with any other surface that needs sanding

  • Applicable for grinding, stock removal, weld blending, debarring / def-lashing, rust removal, blending, cleaning and finishing

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The new Type 27 Depressed Center wheels are formulated with aluminum oxide for heavy duty grinding. This formulation provides aggressive material removal and longer wheel life. Nova utilizes an industry recognized color coding and identification system to help users identify the right bonded abrasive wheel for their application. there are also several key identifiers to look for on a nova wheel; RPM, wheel size, thickness, and arbor size to ensure the correct product is used.

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How should I handle and store the wheels?

■ All flap discs are fragile. They should be handled with care.

■ Flap discs should be stored on a flat, rigid surface, avoiding damp and frost or wide variation in temperature.

■ Use the oldest discs (on “first in, first out” basis).

4.5 inch flap disc 

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