6 Flap Wheel Sander

6 Flap Wheel Sander

Ideal for use on wood, metal and plastic Ideal for The Home, Workshop, Hobbyists, Tradesmen, Builders and DIY Enthusiasts, etc.

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6 Flap wheel sander

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- Simple and easy-to-use diamond tool

- High quality materials for improving durability and coarse grits

- Sharp, fast grinding, and long service life

- Suitable for grinding stone, glass, ceramics, cemented carbide, ect.

- For sanding, grinding and cutting on steels

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How to use 6 Flap Wheel Sander

You can grind. This is a fantastic flap grinding wheel for angle grinders perfect for:

Finish work,


Snagging and light grinding.

Rust removal,

Flash removal Auto Body Sanding

Auto body panels,

Hard and soft woods,

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals and composites.

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