Abrasive Grinding Wheel

Ideal for use on wood, metal and plastic Ideal for The Home, Workshop, Hobbyists, Tradesmen, Builders and DIY Enthusiasts, etc.

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Abrasive grinding wheel flap disc

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14“ FLAP100*1660-120RED360210.430.30.290.0374
24“ FLAP100*1640RED360210.430.30.290.0374
34.5“ FLAP115*2260-120RED300210.430.30.290.0374
44.5“ FLAP115*2240RED300210.430.30.290.0374
55“ FLAP125*2260-120RED200170.510.260.240.0318
65“ FLAP125*2240RED200170.510.260.240.0318
76“ FLAP150*2260-120RED150180.460.310.270.0385
86“ FLAP150*2240RED150180.460.310.270.0385
97“ FLAP180*2260-120RED100250.320.270.140.0121
107“ FLAP180*2240RED100250.320.270.140.0121

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  • NOVA Abrasives uses only the highest quality grains

    and backing material for our flap discs.

  • Designed for grinding, blending and finishing on a wide range of metal.

  • The #1 choice for welders and metal fabricators.

  • Made in accordance with ANSI safety requirements.

  • For use on an Angle Grinder.

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PERFECT FOR: Grinding, polishing, rust removing etc. Application: Stainless steel, aluminum, timber, and plastic ware etc.

HIGH QUALITY: Aluminum Oxide Flap Discs Resin fiber with fiberglass backing plate Phenolic resin backing offers durability and reinforcement

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Flap wheel factory


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