Flap Abrasive Wheels

Flap Abrasive Wheels

​PERFECT FOR: Grinding, polishing, rust removing etc. Application: Stainless steel, aluminum, timber, and plastic ware etc.HIGH QUALITY: Aluminum Oxide Flap Discs Resin fiber with fiberglass backing plate Phenolic resin backing offers durability and reinforcementCHECK US OUT: When it comes to purchasing your tools, you have plenty of options. However, a reputable company that cares about you and your project will help you experience a better result.

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Flap abrasive wheels 

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Flap disc use diagonal layers of aluminum oxide resin fiber, as it wears new grit is continuously being exposed for consistent performance throughout the life of the disc. Flap disc's are designed to run cooler to reduce warping of thin metal like body panels plus, unlike ordinary grinding wheels these discs won't gouge your work. Fits both air and electric grinders.Features: 4-1/2" Diameter Flat Type #27 Arbor Size: 7/8" Aluminum Oxide Material Fiberglass Backing Plate 

Flap abrasive wheels 

How to use Flap abrasive wheels 

Flap abrasive wheels 

   ■ Follow carefully the instructions given in the machine handbook. 

   ■ Never fit a flap disc which is too loose or too tight on the flange. 

   ■ Tighten only with the tool supplied with the machine.

   ■ Ensure the disc is properly gripped to prevent slippage, but do not       tighten with excessive force. Never use a hammer. 

   ■ Keep flanges and screw threads clean and free of burrs and rust.

   ■ Replace distorted or damaged flanges before fitting the disc.

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1) We have a dynamic export sales team with an export sales experience of more than 6 years, which
     ensures the effective, efficient and satisfying communication and service to customers.
2) We have an innovative researching team, who innovates 2-3 new models of garden tools each year. 

3) Within 1-2 hours' response to customers' inquiries.
4) Working closely with our customers we evaluate the success of our delivered product
     With your valuable feedback we can begin to plan for:
    - Modifications to the product for future orders
    - Alternative products or suppliers

Flap abrasive wheels 

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