Metal Polishing Wheel

Metal Polishing Wheel

Abrasive grinder wheel Specification: - Material: Oxide Aluminium - Arbor: Approx. 22mm - Outer Diameter: Approx. 180 (as you chooese) - Grit: 60#-120# (as you chooese)

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Metal polishing wheel

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  • Aluminium Oxide abrasive is preferred for DIY use as it is the most cost effective product for most DIY applications.

  • Designed for use on rust, paint, steel, and non-ferrous metals, along with any other surface that needs sanding

  • High performance aluminum oxide with abrasive for extended disc life while also offering an aggressive cut

  • Applicable for grinding, stock removal, weld blending, debarring / def-lashing, rust removal, blending, cleaning and finishing

  • Grit 40: for aluminium and other soft non-ferrous metals, wood and plastics.

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Flap discs do double-duty. They can replace bonded wheels and fiber discs because they grind and finish in a single step, making them a time and cost-saving solution in a wide range of applications, particularly where final finish and gouge-resistance are important.Use them for weld grinding, deburring, rust removal, edge grinding, and weld seam blendin

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