14 Inch Chainsaw Motor

Engine:1E43F EngineType:SingleCylinder,2-Stroke,Air-Cooled Displacement:45.2CC IdleSpeed:3000rpm PowerOutput:1.65KW/8500rpm CarburetorType:Diaphragm FuelMixedRatio:Gasoline:Engine(25:1) FuelCapacity:550ml OilCapacity:260ml GuiderBarSize:14” N.W./G.W.:5.8kg/6.5kg PackingDetails:2pc/ctns...

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14 inch Chainsaw motor



Engine Type:Single Cylinder,2-Stroke,Air-Cooled


Idle Speed:3000rpm

Power Output:1.65KW/8500rpm   

Carburetor Type:Diaphragm     

Fuel Mixed Ratio:Gasoline:Engine(25:1)

Fuel Capacity:550ml             

Oil Capacity: 260ml

Guider Bar Size:14″.325          

N.W./G.W.: 5.8kg/6.5kg

Packing Details:2pc/1ctns      

Packing Size:505x260x270mm

Loading Qty.: 1408pc/20GP, 3850 pc/40HQ

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Cutting chain(NOVA)

Main article: Saw chain

Usually each segment in this chain (which is constructed from riveted metal sections similar to a bicycle chain, but without rollers) features small sharp cutting teeth. Each tooth takes the form of a folded tab of chromium-plated steel with a sharp angular or curved corner and two beveled cutting edges, one on the top plate and one on the side plate. Left-handed and right-handed teeth are alternated in the chain. Chains come in varying pitch and gauge; the pitch of a chain is defined as half of the length spanned by any three consecutive rivets (e.g., 8 mm, 0.325 inch), while the gauge is the thickness of the drive link where it fits into the guide bar (e.g., 1.5 mm, 0.05 inch). Conventional "full complement" chain has one tooth for every two drive links. "Full skip" chain has one tooth for every three drive links. Built into each tooth is a depth gauge or "raker" which rides ahead of the tooth and limits the depth of cut, typically to around 0.5 mm (0.025"). Depth gauges are critical to safe chain operation. If left too high they will cause very slow cutting, if filed too low the chain will become more prone to kick back. Low depth gauges will also cause the saw to vibrate excessively. Vibration is not only uncomfortable for the operator but is also detrimental to the saw.


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