20 Inch Chainsaw Engine

Engine:1E43F EngineType:SingleCylinder,2-Stroke,Air-Cooled Displacement:45.2CC IdleSpeed:3000rpm PowerOutput:1.65KW/8500rpm CarburetorType:Diaphragm FuelMixedRatio:Gasoline:Engine(25:1) FuelCapacity:550ml OilCapacity:260ml GuiderBarSize:14” N.W./G.W.:5.8kg/6.5kg PackingDetails:2pc/ctns...

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20 inch Chainsaw engine



Engine Type:Single Cylinder,2-Stroke,Air-Cooled


Idle Speed:3000rpm

Power Output:1.65KW/8500rpm   

Carburetor Type:Diaphragm     

Fuel Mixed Ratio:Gasoline:Engine(25:1)

Fuel Capacity:550ml             

Oil Capacity: 260ml

Guider Bar Size:20″  

N.W./G.W.: 5.8kg/6.5kg

Packing Details:2pc/1ctns      

Packing Size:505x260x270mm

Loading Qty.: 1408pc/20GP, 3850 pc/40HQ

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Working techniques(NOVA)

· Bucking – Cross-cutting the felled log into sections. Setup is made to avoid binding the chainsaw within the changing log tensions and compressions. Safe bucking is started at the log highside and then sections worked offside, toward the butt end. The offside log falls and allows for gravity to help prevent binds. Watching the log's kerf movement while cutting, helps to indicate binds. Additional equipment (lifts, bars, wedges and winches) and special cutting techniques can help prevent binds.

· Binds – This is when the chainsaw is at risk or is stuck in the log compression. A log bound chainsaw is not safe, and must be carefully removed to prevent equipment damage. 

· Top bind – The tension area on log bottom, compression on top.

· Bottom bind – The tension area on log top, compression on bottom.

· Side bind – Sideways pressure exerted on log.

· End bind – Weight compresses the log’s entire cross section.

· Brushing and slashing – This is quickly clearing small trees and branches under 5 inches (13 cm) in diameter. A hand piler may follow along to move out debris.


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