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Calculating Upfront Costs Vs. Downtime And Turnover
- Oct 30, 2018 -


When selecting the best cutting wheel for the job, 

it’s important to consider not only the up-front wheel cost, 

but also the costs associated with downtime and changeover. 

In many applications, selecting a zirconia alumina or ceramic alumina cutting wheel provides a lower overall cost of use

because operators can perform significantly more work with the same wheel and spend much less time changing wheels to finish a job. 
When given the opportunity to do a time study, 

it is often a big surprise to the line leader or foreman to see how much time their operators spend changing wheels 

and walking to the tool crib for replacements. 

One such study found that a single cutting wheel changeover took more than 30 minutes, 

given that each operator had to walk to the tool crib, 

sign out another wheel, wait for the wheel, 

return to their cell and then change the wheel before continuing the job. 

This loss of productivity can be staggering to any business.

 In cases like this, there is a significant benefit to selecting a higher quality,

 more durable product. 

The individual wheel cost more than pays for itself through minimized downtime and reduced overall consumable use.

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