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Difficulty In Starting Oil Sawing Machine
- Apr 20, 2018 -

You may have had some problems with the saws, but you don't know why. Today, I would like to tell you about the oil saw engine.

Student: moving problem. In fact, the engine cannot start the problem, a fundamental reason, is the engine overheat. So the engine is hot.

What about the factors?

1. The mixing ratio is too thin.

Mixing ratio is the mixture ratio of gasoline and oil volume. First, talk about the role of engine oil in the engine, lubrication, sealing, heat conduction, clear.

Wash and embalm. The five functions are interrelated, the lubrication is not good, the dry friction will emit more heat, which will cause the piston to wear out.

(commonly known as the cylinder); The sealing is not good, and then the gas escapes into the crankcase, which causes the combustible mixture to become thin. Heat conduction is not good, can not timely heat.

Send out; The effect of cleaning and preservative will also be greatly reduced. In this case, the quality of the engine oil is also required, and the engine oil is required for the two-stroke engine.

It is very difficult to achieve the general motor oil. The requirements for it are: high flash point, low freezing point, easy to mix (dissolve) and fast (good adhesion). if

Less than required, the same mixing ratio also causes the engine to overheat. It should also be noted that four-stroke engine oil must not be used for two-stroke engines.

If you can't find two stroke special oil, you can use motor oil of no.10 motor, which is the engine oil, which can be used in north China, northwest, etc.

It is used in summer in northeast China, used in spring and winter in the south, and oil in no.15 in summer. Remember!!!!! Never use wood oil.

Second, the air combustion ratio is too thin.

The ratio of air to fuel, the ratio of air to fuel, the ratio of air to fuel, the ratio of the engine to start, 13 to 1, the maximum power of 15 to 1, the constant speed of the engine.

In operation, to save fuel, it is 16 to 1. When the carburetor is adjusted, the area of the throat is controlled by the throttle valve (also known as throttle valve).

Size adjustment. If the carburetor itself has a problem, the air intake is too large, and the oil intake is insufficient, which is what we often call "thin oil".

. The speed of combustion, the high speed of the engine, and the weak work. What we can see is that when the fuel tank runs out, it's there.

When the throttle is not moving, the engine turns abruptly and then dies, which is the temporary phenomenon of empty combustion over thin air. If there is a thin air burn.

Working longer than a long time can lead to insufficient engine power and overheating.

3. Compression ratio is too large.

Compression ratio is the working volume of the engine (i.e. the constant displacement) plus the combustion chamber volume, divided by the combustion chamber volume, equal to the theoretical pressure.

Shrinkage ratio. The actual compression ratio is the working volume after the exhaust port is completely closed, plus the combustion chamber volume, and divided by the combustion chamber volume. Two stroke hair

The actual compression ratio of the motivation should be between 6.5 and 7.3. Small, low power, large, can cause overheating, and even knock. Compression ratio

The size of the manufacturer is determined by the manufacturer, and the dealer and the user can only make minor adjustments if they are in good condition. In the formula, V is the engine displacement.

Pe is the average effective pressure on the top of the piston at the time of explosion, N is the engine revolution, and 75 * 6=450 is constant. You can see in the formula that the constant is constant.

To increase the power of the engine: 1. Increase the displacement, 2. Increase the effective pressure. (the larger the compression ratio, the greater the pressure after the explosion.

) 3. Increase the number of turns. At present, the manufacturer can increase the power of the engine only by increasing the power of the piston.

The effective pressure, which is to increase the compression ratio, but too large compression ratio, in a few minutes, even in about 20 minutes power is a little bit bigger, but.

It is the long-term work that causes the engine to overheat, the power decreases, the engine cannot start.

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