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Drill Safe Operation Guide
- Apr 20, 2018 -

The ground drill is widely used in planting trees and planting fruit trees. It is also known as the digger, planter and tree-planting machine. This paper mainly introduces the operation of planter.

Methods and precautions during drilling.

1. Before drilling, read "safe operation instructions". It is suggested that some soft ground should be selected for trial drilling, which will help.

Be familiar with the performance and use method of the excavator, or ask the experienced personnel to carry out the guidance work on site.

2. In the process of drilling, hold the handle firmly with your left hand and hold the throttle switch and bracket tightly with your right thumb and other fingers.

Keep your hands and feet on the ground, the distance is far wider than the shoulder, and the body and the drill are kept at a proper distance, which helps to maintain balance and control the body effectively.

3. When drilling at the beginning of the drill, the head of the drill should be inserted into the surface of the ground, so that the gas pedal can be slowly increased.

Door, otherwise, the drill bit will appear because of unfixed point and the jump pendulum phenomenon, can cause personal injury to you.

4. Do not use force to press down the drill bit. When the gas pedal is fully open, just hold the handle of the holder and apply pressure lightly.

5. When it is difficult to feel the drill, you can repeat it properly and then drill down again.

6. Hold the handle firmly, which will help reduce the occurrence of drag and rebound, and effectively keep the control of the excavator.

7. Basic understanding of the causes of resistance and resilience can help you to reduce or eliminate the panic mentality, so as to better cope with the accident and avoid the occurrence of accidents.

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