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- Jul 31, 2018 -
  1. Take it off. Depending on the one you have (see above), your jigsaw will probably have some basic components. The point is:  you’ll have to find some way to get to the blade, so all of the items that cover it will have to be removed.

  2. Loosen up. The component that attaches the old blade was held by two screws, so instead of removing it altogether, I merely loosened it up to slip the old blade out.

  3.  Three steps forward and two steps back.  Now that you have the old blade exposed, you can find a blade that looks just like it. As it turns out, there are two main types of blades that may fit your jigsaw, called T-shanks and U-shanks. (T-shanks are becoming more popular now because they are easier to change. Go fig.).

  4. When you know you have the right blade type, slip the end into the thingie and tighten the screws to hold the blade in place. An optional step is to screw it in backwards (with the blade facing inward) and then unscrew, turn, and screw it back in again. This is entirely up to you and how much time you feel like wasting.  put everything back together again.

In summary, this is very troublesome. You can try JS65-60 of nova,Upgrade version, blade easily remove and sure-Fit attaches in seconds.