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How To Selecting The Right Grinding Wheels
- Oct 03, 2018 -

Selecting the right grinding wheels is a very important part of getting good results. 

Taking the time upfront to make the right choice will lead to better finishes and a longer lifespan of your grinding machines

In order to make this happen, 

you must consider a number of factors that influence the process. 

These can be divided into two groups: 

constant factors and various factors.

Constant factors include

·      Work materials

·      Amount and rate of stock removal

·      Area of contact between work and wheel

·      Condition of grinding machine

·      Finish and accuracy required on the job

All of these factors influence the choice of all or any of the following elements:

·      Right abrasive

·      Grain size

·      Type of bond

·      Strength of the bond

·      Structure, including the void between the abrasives

Variable factors include

·      Wheel speed

·      Work speed

·      Condition of the grinding machine

·      Skill of the operator

Wheel speed and work speed are typically the primary factors in selecting wheels. 

In fact, about 70% of complaints about machine performance can be improved by selecting them properly at the start.

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