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How To Solve The Problem Of Oil Saw Guide Plate And Oil Saw Chain Heating
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Many people at the time of the oil saw, encountered the temperature of the guide plate too high to hot or hot, so the temperature of the guide plate is too high to heat.

Or what is the reason for this? In fact, the oil saw guide plate in the use of hot and even hot, is the oil saw maintenance frequently encountered problems.

I'm going to talk to you today about how to deal with this situation.

The most fundamental reason for the heating problem is that the friction is too large, and the oil saw itself has a lubricating oil supply system, so the oil supply system is not working properly.

Often causes the oil saw guide plate to heat the cause. If the oil pipe is damaged, the oil filter is blocked, the oil pump is blocked, and the oil pump nozzle is uneven.

Whole, machine oil pump nozzle pressure cover paper cushion damage, guide plate oil hole block and so on these situations are caused the oil supply abnormal condition.

The following are some of the causes and solutions that may cause the chainsaw guide and the chainsaw chain fever:

1. Insufficient oil supply or oil.

Solution: add oil in time, clean oil supply road, such as oil filter head, oil pump, oil pipe. The bottom of the machine oil pump can be used in one word.

The size of oil out of the machine oil is adjusted.

2. Oil hole of the guide plate is blocked or the guide plate groove is blocked.

Solution: clean the wood chips or sundries on the guide board with a blowgun.

3. The width of the guide slot is not matched with the width of the chain guide tooth.

Solution: suggest replacement to match specifications.

4. Uneven bending of guide plate.

Solution: it is recommended to replace the guide plate directly.

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