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Oil Saw USES Common Problems
- Apr 20, 2018 -

1. What is the reason why the oil saw spark plug is always bad?

The main force is too strong to cause, suggest replace the best spark plug.

The first is the possibility of spark plug quality problem, while confirming that the model is used correctly;

The second is the possibility that the oil is too bad or the proportion is heavy, the spark plug is easy to accumulate carbon, it will not burn, waste spark plug, can be spent spark plug after washing.

Let's go back and try, if we can, it's the second case.

2, the spark plug of the oil saw is oil, can't start?

First, the air door is not well controlled. When the cold machine is started, pull out the damper (the damper is closed). After a few times, there is a blasting sound.

The wind door pushes forward, and it can be started;

Second, if the spark plug is more oil, the description has been flooded, need to dump a few spark plugs and wipe the feeling, then block the cylinder on the spark plug, pull.

A few times oil discharge, then installed, the wind door pushed forward, refueling door to start basically can be;

Three is machine time long can change spark plug, if still do not want to change high pressure pack.

Chain saw

3. What is the direct cause of the spark plug on the oil saw?

The ignition of spark plug does not affect combustion, resulting in incomplete combustion and carbon deposition;

In addition, there is more oil, which is more likely to lead to carbon deposition.

4. The sound of the oil saw, why do the oil door stall?

(1) check whether the damper is not opened;

(2) check whether the air filtration is not clean;

(3) after the flame is extinguished, look at the oil on the spark plug. Can you shake it off? It's the carburetor problem.

(4) can you live at low speed? If you can live at a low speed, it's just that the door is shut down and it's a compression problem, so you have to go to the repair shop.

. It is possible that there is a gap between the piston of the cylinder block, or the gasket on the cylinder has a leak.

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