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The Importance Of The File Mill Of The Chain Saw
- Apr 20, 2018 -

In the garden tools, we generally refer to the oil saw accessories with crankshaft, oil saw chain, piston, air filter, cylinder, crankcase, muffler, high.

Pressure package, magnetic flywheel, etc. The chain is made up of sawtooth, transmission chain, connecting strip and chain shaft riveted into a serrated closed chain, because of the chain saw chain.

After working for a period of time, the blade becomes blunt and the cutting efficiency is reduced, so the chain must be filed regularly, according to the standard chain, generally every.

Every four hours should be filed away, the quality of the chain more often to file mill. The quality of the file, the service life of the chain, the positive of the oil saw.

Constant use and sawmill productivity have a great impact.

In file grinding, the standard of Angle is very difficult to master, generally can be measured according to the triangle rule, if have Angle gauge is even better. Usually experienced oil.

The sawing machine is based on the size of the sawtooth climbing edge to master the appropriate Angle. By grasping the rule of the chain of the oil saw file, the quality of the chain can be improved rapidly.

. Serrated teeth are highly associated with the service life of the chain, so don't file a thin file with a thin file, especially after the file.

The cutting edge of the blade should not be used frequently, nor should it be rasped, or it will reduce the height of the teeth and the amount of material, and the chain will soon be scrapped. If you want to make the saw

The teeth of the chain are high, the width of the material and the climbing edge are well filed. It is necessary to try out the chain sawing chain first. After the sawing wood, the file should be refiled.

Ground up.

The file mill of the oil saw chain can be filed with a file by hand, or it can be filed with a file saw machine. In order to reduce the manpower consumption, improve the file grinding chain.

Efficiency and quality, it is necessary to widely promote the use of file sawing machine. The commonly used hand file mainly has the board file, the knife file and the round file, the board file and the knife.

The file is a common file used for filing the straight teeth chain. The round file is mainly used for filing the universal chain. The tooth warehouse of the straight tooth chain is best used for the round file, and the triangle file is not.

Commonly used. When the file is filed, the file should be stable, the wrist should be hard, and the eye saw the point. Before you file a saw, you must first place the file on the serrate.

The face is inclined to push up, can not back file, in order to avoid damage file, the slope of the file should be consistent, the file surface should be changed at any time, so as not to be damaged by overheating.

Bad file. In order to ensure the quality of the chain, some oil saws are provided with special tools at the time of sale, such as cory.

The "chain gauge", which is attached to the oil saw, can be used to test the high difference of the limited teeth and the horizontal blade and the various angles of the jagged edges, using the tip of the difficult chain.

You can also clean sawing slots and lubricating oil holes.

In addition to the smooth file of the chain, check the tensioning of the chain often, compared with the long time chain, the new saw chain needs more frequency.

Strain the ground. Generally, under the condition of cold machine, the chain is meshed under the guide plate but still can be pulled by hand along the guide plate, which indicates that the tension degree is correct. da

After the working temperature, the chain expands and begins to relax. The driving chain section below the guide plate is not allowed to come out of the guide slot, otherwise the chain will fall off and be necessary.

Then tighten the chain again. When cooling, the chain will contract, and the chain will be loosened, otherwise the crankshaft and bearing will be damaged. The chain is used as garden machinery oil.

The important parts of saw, the careful treatment of the chain maintenance is very important to the overall performance of the oil saw.

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