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Using Proper Technique For Abrasive Wheel
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Using proper technique for abrasive wheel


Heat and pressure are the enemy of any abrasive product. 

The smoothest, fastest, cleanest cuts are performed by minimizing surface contact and heat. 

Minimizing heat and friction also helps maximize wheel life. 
Never bump, drop or use impact to enter the cut. 

Always enter the material from a corner or section with less surface area,

 and use even pressure and consistent motion through the cut. 

Let the wheel do the work — pushing too hard increases cut speed but also generates heat and friction, 

which ultimately reduces wheel life. 
Angle of approach matters. 

Round stock is considered by many the easiest to cut

 because the surface contact is the same no matter where the operator enters the material. 

However, when cutting angle iron, I-beams or square stock, start the cut on a corner where the material is the thinnest to reduce friction and produce a clean, straight cut.  
Understand the thickness of the material being cut and take care to plunge the wheel only as deep as necessary for the thickness of that material. 

This also will reduce heat and friction to extend product life and minimize binding.  

11nova grinding wheel

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